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Kickstart DETOX

Bénéfices principales :

  • Aide à mincir d'une manière efficace et saine
  • Détoxifie le corps entièrement
  • Réduit le gonflement
  • Élimine les toxines du corps

Contents: 1x Kickstart DETOX 0 capsule/ jours

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Why is detox so important?

Detox is very important for our health and the proper functioning of the whole body. But it is also extremely important when we start losing weight because it helps us achieve better results. That's right, if we cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances before losing weight, our diet will be much more effective!

Weight loss is much easier with detox

When we start losing weight we often only think about losing weight and the line we want to achieve. But we forget the most important thing, and that is to prepare the body for weight loss first. Namely, if we start losing weight with a body full of toxins, it is very likely that weight loss will not be as successful as we expected.

That is why it is very important to detox the body first, to cleanse it of all harmful substances. That way we will lose weight easier, faster and with a lot more energy!

How to make a good detox?

For an effective detox it is necessary to act on the whole body . The product that best helps to detoxify the body is Kickstart Detox, which cleanses the body and prepares it for weight loss in just 10 days! Kickstart Detox works on 5 main areas in the body that are important for detox:

  • Liver

  • Intestines

  • Leather

  • Blood

  • Lymph

Kickstart Detox contains 100% natural ingredients

Kickstart Detox contains 100% natural ingredients that excrete toxins from the body and thus affects the health of the whole body and accelerates the weight loss process.

  • Turmeric - improves liver function which is our most important organ in detoxifying the body. It also contains the ingredient curcumin which blocks enzymes that are responsible for storing fat in the body. In addition, curcumin speeds up metabolism, and thus digestion, and the body consumes calories faster and breaks down fats.

  • Black Pepper - in combination with turmeric enhances its action. Turmeric is better absorbed and its effects on body cleansing and fat breakdown are doubled.

  • Bristle broccoli - this plant acts as a tonic for cleansing the body as it removes all toxins. It works effectively on the lymphatic system thus helping to remove toxins and bacteria found in the lymph glands.

  • Chinese androphagus - it contains active ingredients that improve liver function, namely they participate in the action of liver enzymes that break down toxins and thus cleanse the liver and the whole body of toxins. In the liver break down and fat so it is important that the liver remove all toxins in order to properly dissolve fat in the body that we help with weight loss.

  • Wakama seaweed - it containing active ingredients that effectively act on the activity of the enzyme lipase in the pancreas. Lipase is a digestive enzyme produced in the pancreas and is very important in breaking down fat from food.